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    Have you asked yourself these important questions?

  • How much will it cost our organization if our systems go down?
  • What is our tolerance for downtime?
  • What is the effect of network downtime to our business?
  • What percent of our information technology infrastructure directly effects revenue?
  • What are we currently using to backup our telecommunications network?

    Approximately 45.3% of all data loss is caused by power problems such as; surges, spikes, blackouts, brownouts, noise, and sags. These power disturbances not only cause loss of data, they can also cause hardware damage and reduce the efficiency and life span of electrical equipment.


Perau Power Technology
helps you find solutions to ensure proper protection from all these causes and more. We provide uninterruptible power supply backup systems to all your electrically active devices on your network to prevent power problems and potential for total system shutdown.

High Availability Power Systems require four important elements:

Reliability, Functionality, Maintainability, and Fault Tolerance.

Perau Power Technology will provide a Site Audit to ensure your systems have all four elements in place.

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